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Private College 529 Testimonial- Sang Family

Saving Securely for Child's Academic Future

Irene Sang attended Occidental College and loved her experience at a private liberal arts college. "It was wonderful to go from a large high school of 4000 students to one of 1600," Irene said. Even as a single parent "I promised myself that I would provide the same opportunity to attend a private college for my children as my parents did for me."

"Private College 529 plan allowed me to save securely and not take the financial hit during the recession that other 529’s did, and to save about 1/3 in tuition costs if my child attended a member college," Irene said. "It was nice knowing my alma mater was a member college as well!"

Irene’s son is a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University.  She is very pleased that the financial burden of tuition has been significantly reduced for her because she prepaid through Private College 529.  Her daughter is a high school senior applying to both member and non-member colleges.  Regardless of where her daughter enrolls Irene feels that she has come out ahead. "I haven't lost a single dollar I invested, and if she attends a member college, the return on my investment will be huge."

"As fate would have these things, two years ago I married a great guy. His career for the past 35 financial aid! He agrees that I made a very good decision when I chose Private College 529 plan."