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Save on Private College Costs

Discover Private College 529 and Lock in College Prices. 


Save on College Costs with Private College 529 Plan

Maybe college seems like a long ways off for your child, but saving for it can start right now. A good time to consider starting is before July 1st, when private college rates are expected to increase.

Private College 529 lets you pre-pay for tomorrow’s tuition at today’s prices at over 270 private universities. Given that college tuition has risen around 3% - 5% annually over the past several years, why not take advantage of a way to save on the costs*? By enrolling in Private College 529 you can:

  • Pay for future college tuition at today’s price

  • Pay no fees: every dollar you contribute goes toward the purchase of tuition

  • Your savings will be federal tax-free

  • Potentially end up paying much less for a private college education

Just be sure to consider acting soon before tuition rates change July 1st. Discover How


*Source of data: The College Board, Trends in College Pricing, 2014; Annual Survey of Colleges; average 10-year published tuition and fee charges in current dollars. 


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