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Find the Right College Savings Plan


The goal of this website is to promote a culture of planning and saving for college

Tuition Plan Consortium (TPC), sponsor of Private College 529 Plan, hosts this web site, in part, to help families answer the question “is this Plan right for me?” 

TPC believes Private College 529 Plan is a great plan that offers value, security and flexibility for families.  However, TPC acknowledges that no single plan – including Private College 529 Plan – is right for everyone.  So, if the answer is ”No, this is not the right plan for me” TPC hopes to help families identify other options that better meet their college savings needs.  Throughout this site are references to other resources for planning and saving for college. Links to all of these resoures are included on the "Resources" page under "Is this right for me?" tab.

If you know of a resource we do't have listed, share it on the blog. We want this list to grow!

Promoting Private College 529 Plan is an important goal for TPC.  Promoting a culture of planning and saving for college is also an important goal for TPC: it's a win-win when students have more resources available to pay college costs and graduate with less debt.  Find the right plan for your family and your student(s) and get started today!