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How Private College 529 Plan Works for Families

Private College 529 Plan Makes Private College Education More Affordable

Taking the worry out of market volatility and rising tuition costs

If you dream of the benefits of a private college education, but are concerned that rising tuition costs may put it out of reach, Private College 529 Plan provides a solution. It offers a guaranteed way to pre-purchase tuition at today’s rates at participating private colleges and universities across the country.

  • Pay less by paying today.
  • Access a large and growing network of schools.
  • Receive all the tax advantages of 529 plans.
  • Gain peace of mind.

Private College 529 Plan is a pre-purchase of tuition -- not an investment. This eliminates the worry that a future market downturn may reduce your ability to pay for college. There is no risk for the purchaser, as participating schools bear all of the risk.

For more detailed information about the Plan, the member schools and to enroll in the Plan quickly and easily, click here. If you have questions and would like a Private College 529 staff member to contact you personally, click here.

The Private College 529 Plan delivered as promised for us, and saved us a significant amount on the final year of tuition at Notre Dame. I only wish we had known about it earlier so we could have financed the entire 4 years that way. I recommend it for all college bound students, and get started early!     

Mark Easley Sr.